Diego Corradin is one of the most in demand session drummers in Italy.

He was born in Milan in 1976 and started playing drums at the age of 9. After a few years as a self-taught musician he began taking lessons and then spent 5 years studying with italian drum master Alfredo Golino, until he was 19.

His incredible talent and preparation, combined with a unique and personal style, quickly made his drumming stand out and led, in just a few years, to an amazing career in music.

His credits include an international tour with pop superstar Eros Ramazzotti, extensive touring with the likes of Fiorella Mannoia,Raf, Francesco Renga, Gianluca Grignani, Dirotta Su Cuba, and numerous TV appearances on major national networks.

He's also very busy as a studio drummer, and worked with many of the italian top names in the industry, recording for Mina, Raf, Gatto Panceri, Luca Di Risio, Riccardo Fogli, and Alessandra Amoroso, among others.

Known for his soulful groove, flawless timing and perfection in the recording studio, Diego plays for the music, and into the music, with such intensity and dedication that he's among the most respected musicians in the business.

He endorses Zildjian cymbals, Drum Sound drums and Vic Firth drumsticks.